Queen Mary is proud to announce a new event that is set to champion, encourage and inspire women to bring their skills to the technology sector.

Queen Mary with the support of the Institute of Coding will host Athena 2019 on 13-14 April 2019.

An interactive weekend

Students, employees, industry leaders and academics from around the U.K. will participate in an interactive weekend of technology, featuring beginner-friendly coding workshops for curious computing novices delivered by Makers, an established software engineering bootcamp; a careers fair with representatives from the tech industry; and talks from women who are leading the way in the tech sector – Joy Foster, founder of Tech Pixies, Angelique Vu, Chair of FT Women, Lynsey Campbell, Executive Director at J.P. Morgan and more.

For more experienced coders, an all-female Hackathon in support of Plastic Oceans UK will be the focus of the event. Teams will use their digital skills to create an app, digital demonstration or digital platform to put forward solutions to the worldwide plastic crisis. It is anticipated that the competition will reveal some exceptional talent, and with high-value prizes on offer as well as the opportunity to pitch to potential investors, it is also expected to be a hard-fought competition.

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Athena 2019: an Interactive Event Championing Women in Tech