Last month, top scientific journal Nature made a commitment within its code of conduct to make its conferences more inclusive, as part of a wider move across the journal to promote diversity. This follows studies within Nature which have shown that women, for example, are underrepresented within Nature authors and referees. New policies within the code include having equal numbers of men and women as invited speakers and no all-male panels, or ‘manels’. 

“The code commits us to having no male-only organizing committees for Nature Conferences planned from this point. We will invite equal numbers of women and men as speakers, whether we’re selecting for keynote presentations or from abstract submissions. We also commit to having no manels at our events, and to monitor and report progress against these goals at the end of each calendar year.”

Nature also aims to support diversity more broadly and change its code of conduct over time to do this explicitly.

No more ‘manels’: new code of conduct from Nature to strive for more diverse meetings