“This year, young male graduates can expect to earn on average $19.64 an hour – all of 20 cents higher than in 2000. Women, on the other hand, are likely to earn $16.56, which is more than $3 less than their male counterparts and $1.18 less than what they were likely to earn in 2000. On the bright side, that means that women who graduate from college earn about 84 cents for every dollar that male college graduates do. That’s better than the 78 cents earned by all women for every dollar earned by men.”

“It’s interesting that women have been pursuing college in greater numbers to improve economic prospects, but we see that their wages have gone down.”

“Some wage-gap deniers insist that the wage disparity between the genders stems from women’s choice of careers – for example, women are more likely to pursue degrees in education, social work, healthcare, arts and communications, while men are more likely to study computer science and engineering.”

Guardian: Class of 2015: women are still making less than men – and prospects are poor

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