Ada College is devoted to educating and empowering the next generation of diverse digital talent. It encourages women and individuals from low income backgrounds in tech careers. As part of Ada College ‘Futures Week’ an online outreach session has been organised by Dr Paulo Oliva for over 70 Ada students on Monday 28 June 2021. The session focused on Web Programming with particular focus on Web App Security. Demonstrations of several common web attacks was given, with students able to try to those attacks using one of Dr Oliva’s online tool — a mock social network ( where security measures can be turned on and off. The students had great fun trying to hack each other’s accounts, while learning about what mechanisms one can use to prevent such attacks. One of EECS student ambassadors (Chloe Bugeja) also joined the session and answered some of the Ada students’ questions about studying at EECS and life at University. The session (done via Google Meet) started at 11:50 and lasted for one hour and thirty minutes, closing at 13:30

Ada college tutorial on web programming