10:00-11:30 Challenging Antisocial Behaviour with The Active Bystander Company

This interactive workshop will help you to address problems you’ve encountered around addressing inappropriate behaviour and work towards building a healthy workplace culture of constructive challenge and personal responsibility. All sessions include tried and tested decision-making and personal effectiveness techniques, designed to overcome the initial fear of tackling challenging situations.

  • Develop decision-making skills and overcome fear and paralysis in challenging situations;
  • Identify personal effectiveness techniques to tackle difficult conversations;
  • Explore verbal and non-verbal language techniques to challenge unacceptable behaviours. Book your place by searching ‘active bystander’ on QMUL CPD Booking System

12:00-13:00 Mindful Wellbeing for Women with OPD team

Investing in your wellbeing has proven to help reduce stress and create a more positive work-life balance. This interactive workshop will explore the links between work, health and mental wellbeing and your role in promoting wellbeing for yourself and others. Join us to connect with like-mind women to open up the discussion around self-care and self-compassion to create a more positive work-life balance. 

  • Explore the key issues effecting wellbeing; 
  • Identify the links between work-related stress and investing in wellbeing; 
  • Understand how to promote workplace wellbeing for yourself and others. Book your place by searching ‘mindful wellbeing’ on QMUL CPD Booking System 

15:30-16:30 Menopause Cafe with Dr Louise Younie

This educational and interactive event with Dr Louise Younie, GP and Clinical Senior Lecturer in the Institute of Health Sciences Education, will explore themes including physical, emotional and social symptoms and managing the menopause with holistic or medical options, and a personal narrative on surgical menopause as part of cancer treatment. This event is aimed at members of Queen Mary staff who are experiencing or will experience the menopause, and there will be an opportunities throughout the session for attendees to ask questions openly or anonymously.

Book your place using your QMUL email address here

International Women’s Day events at Queen Mary University