Active bystander training is about how to react when you encounter workplace behaviour that you don’t consider appropriate. QMUL organises it as part of their professional development training. In QMUL over fifty senior members of staff have received this training to act as role-models and champions . The course lasts 90 minutes in total, currently it’s delivered online. The training deals with behaviours from more obvious bullying and harassment to “micro-aggressions”, smaller events that are sometimes unintentional or hard to prove (eg taking more questions from men than women, sighing when some people are presenting).

The idea is to give you an array of possible responses from directly challenging the behaviour to more subtle techniques to support the target of the behaviour or address the problem behaviour more subtly. The training begins with examples and theory and then works through scenarios. It gives you various tools to challenge unacceptable behaviour.

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Active bystander training