We are pleased that the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) has been able to add a new role to its management structure with the appointment of Dr. Mahesha Samaratunga as Director of Wellbeing.

The role has been created to help implement a student wellbeing strategy within EECS, focusing on raising awareness of wellbeing and mental health, especially with supporting activities for students, but staff as well. The aim will be to develop a culture within the school that places student and staff welfare at the heart of its operations.

Dr. Samaratunga said,

There is undoubtedly more which can be done to raise awareness and support on the topic of student wellbeing and for it to be better integrated within the culture at EECS. It is my sincere hope that I can use this new role to not only support our students but to have an open dialogue around the subject of wellbeing and mental health.

Dr. Samaratunga will be hosting her first staff wellbeing workshop on 11 November, 11am-1pm.

The workshop aims to raise awareness around mental health and wellbeing and recognise the signs of stress; discuss how to implement positive coping strategies; focus on the importance of time management and direct colleagues to the appropriate support services available.

By the end of this session, delegates will be able to:

· Explore the factors impacting mental health and wellbeing for yourself and others;

· Understand the difference between good and bad coping mechanisms;

· Understand tips for time management;

· Explain the role of our Mental Health First Aiders and the free resources available to all staff.

Director of Wellbeing: a new appointment