The mission of the JP Student Innovation Centre is to create opportunities for students on the JP with BUPT to further develop outside the classrooms and build a community of innovators and makers within the programme. Founded in 2015, the centre had been organising competitions, workshops, courses, talks and projects for hundreds of our students. It also serves as a hub to bring QMUL, BUPT and our industrial partners such as China Mobile, IBM, Juniper together. 

This year, we have launched research projects for 2nd and 3rd students, exposing them to the research environment early on. One of the supervisors, Dr Michaela MacDonald runs a project themed Study on changing online attitudes and practices. A cohort of 7 students, split in two groups, have proposed to pursue two separate projects; one focusing on the gender-based gap in accessibility of online education, the second looking at opportunities and challenges facing the gaming industry.
More information about the centre and some records of our activities can be found in

Student Innovation Centre projects focusing on gender gaps