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“Based on the responses recorded in the study, it would seem that overall 67% of Europeans think that women do not possess the required skill set in order to achieve high-level scientific positions (the figure is 64% specifically for the UK). Meanwhile, in China an absolutely staggering 93% believe that women aren’t cut out to be scientists.”

“When asked what impeded women’s rise to the top, both men and women said cultural factors were important. However, 45% of women believed that men blocked women’s progression, and 44% of them (compared with 37% of men) said there was a problem in the support management provided for women.”

“Despite all the negative connotations around women in science, those questioned actually thought there were more of us female scientists out there than there really are. They estimated that women hold 28% of the highest academic functions within scientific fields across the European Union. The reality? There are around 11% women at the top.”

“Any female scientist may or may not be impeded by men and management (as the answers suggest), but she will definitely be surrounded by a crowd of people who do not believe she is likely to succeed. If the people she talks to in the cinema queue, in the bar or the student union are prone to say ‘really?’ when she admits to loving science and aiming high, the drip-drip-drip of negativity is liable to sap self-confidence and aspiration.”

Guardian: 67% of Europeans don’t believe women have the skills to be scientists

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