#ChangeTheNumbers: the L’Oréal Foundation’s international study with OpinionWay to understand causes of disparities affecting women in science and obstacles they face.

Quotes from press release:

Prejudice is still deeply rooted: “the study reveals that 67% of Europeans think that women do not possess the required capabilities in order to access high-level scientific positions. Only 10% of respondents believe that women possess the capabilities for science in particular.”

A real underestimation of the problem: “Respondents estimated that women within scientific fields hold 28% of the highest academic functions within the European Union, however the reality is that women within scientific fields hold only 11% of the highest academic positions.”

A change that society wants: “Society is aware of the obstacles that women scientists face, obstacles that are independent of their abilities: 49% think they are obstructed by cultural factors, 43% think they are obstructed by men and 40% think they are obstructed by their management.”

“What is more, 59% of Europeans find that the evolution of women’s place in scientific research is too slow, this being an increase from 26% in 2000, and 29% in 2010.”

“Faced with the fact that 3% of scientific Nobel Prizes are awarded to women, 63% would like to see an increase to 50/50.”

L’Oréal Foundation’s #ChangeTheNumbers Study

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