Nick Bryant of BBC News New York writes: “Long an all-male enclave, the UN Security Council now has a record number of women. Does that influence how diplomacy gets done at the highest levels?”

“I think we listen well … I notice that the women tend to take more notes.” ~ Samantha Power, US Permanent Representative

“Women have greater and deeper and more profound insights into how to resolve problems.” ~ Joy Ogwu, Nigeria’s Ambassador

“Women tend to discuss more, to want to find solutions … Faced with problems, we say: ‘Well you know we should do something. This is not proper. We should do something.’ There’s this desire to find these solutions. I don’t know whether it’s the mother factor, or what, but there is that aspect that I noticed in the council.” ~ Dina Kawar, Jordan Permanent Representative

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BBC News: Women Play Increasingly Powerful Roles at UN

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